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Hybrid PBX (Traditional Phone Service)

This is the basic phone system that most people are familiar with. A phone for every employees that includes all the basic features that you are used to. Simple and straight forward with all services based in the cloud so there is nothing for you to maintain, fix, or ever upgrade.

Unified Communications (UCaaS)

Unified Communications gives you a true modern phone system. You can work from a traditional phone at your desk, or if you need to go mobile can have an app on your phone/computer to have your phone and its functions follow you everywhere. And the service lives in the cloud so you have no maintenance or upgrades o worry about. Higher packages include multi-person video calling and screen sharing abilities. Great for companies that have people who work from home or workers that are constantly in the field.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft set out to build the ultimate tool for collaboration and communication. What was developed was Teams. In fact so powerful they include it for free with Office 365. The only part missing is integration with traditional phone service. Which is what we provide! Meet, share, collaborate, and more. Teams augments your work environment to help make conversations easier and information simpler to share. Teams will replace long email threads, missed meetings, and lost files over night. And it’s powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud for security, reliability, and features.

Next add whatever phones or hardware you need

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